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Welcome to our virtual Villa Diodati
Due to the big success of our event at April 1st, we decided to gather
all art and poetry, so all of our salon can still be enjoyed in cyberspace.
Listed below are all the artists, click on the names to view their work.

The Party

pictures by Fabio


The Salon

pictures by Pim

The gallery
Sasha (painting)
Alex (fashion)
Rune (painting)
Brigitte (digital art)
Jennifer (photography)
Wendy (drawings)
Marjolein (drawings)
Fabio (photography)
Evilette (collage)
Parapraxis (cybergear)
Vincent (photography)
Toon (photography)
Julia & Frank (photography)

The stage
Oscar (poetry)
Marjolein (piano)
Arjo (poetry)
Wouter (guitar)
Julia (poetry)
Karianne (poetry & piano)
Evilette (cabaret)
ZouZou (performance)
André (performance)


Marjolein (piano) & Cat (singing saw)
Oscar (poetry) & Cat (singing saw)
Klaasje (fluit)
Vincent, Jesse & Hobbit (poetry on music)
Klaasje (fluit)
Arjo (poetry)
Burnout (performance)
Jan & Eduard (poetry)
piano improvisation
Boris (horror performance)
Estée (violin)
piano, fluit & singing improvisation
Wouter (guitar)
various improvisation all night through

Daphne (prose, due to illness not on stage, so read it here!)