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A lot of poets, artists, musicians and other creative folk have allready signed up for the salon.
This section provides links to websites of those participating in this cultural event, just to give an impression of what to expect.
Not nearly everyone who's participating has it's own website, but these few will give a nice little preview.

http://www.aderen.tk poetry and prose by Oscar Strik
http://www.turatempla.com the various musical projects of Nosferius (check also http://www.fertilereality.com)
http://ergo.grauzone.nl the musical, literary, artistic projects by eRgo
http://www.prey-band.com musical project of Rule-Ant

http://www.alexvanderwateren.com fashion design by Alex
http://www.paranoid-landscape.com cybergear by Parapraxis
http://www.aurolia.moonchild.nl digital art by Brigitte
http://www.twilightrose.com/fabiov/index.html photography by Fabio Valiante
http://www.invisibleimagery.nl photography by Jennifer
http://dageraaddonker.unstable.nl photography by Frank