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Ever since the gothic art slid from the womb of the romanticists, people came together in salons to present each other their art.
Under a cloud of blue smoke from their cigars, illuminated by the green absinth fairy, ladies in lace and gentlemen in dark velvet discussed art and inspired each other. Great things have emerged from these get-togethers, which leaves us wondering: why have these places disappeared?
      In our opinion, gothic is still a culture. So many of us are artistically engaged in one way or another. We only need a place again where it can be expressed, where kindred spirits can meet and inspire each other, like back in the old days. 

We present to you a kick ass evil gothic party, proudly presenting dj's
from every corner of the world of dark music.
we reintroduce the traditional salon, offering you an

open stage
to read us your poetry and prose, bring us your music,
film, dance, cabaret, performing art... everything is welcome!

open gallery
to offer free exhibition space. Bring your art and fill our gallery.
This is your opportunity to meet other artists and inspire each other.

At april 1st 2006 dark romanticists from all over the Netherlands and even from Belgium and Germany came together in our villa.

An impression of this event can be viewed in our
Virtual Villa