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There are rumours in the underground. The creature we've summoned is slowly awakening again from its year long hybernation. Exciting things will be happening again. Expanding into forms even more interactive than before; check back soon when the new plans will be launched!

Dear visitor of Villa Diodati,

Since april 2006, we've hosted several parties for the artistic minded dark scene. Reintroducing the traditional salon as a meetingpoint for creative minds, we want to offer everyone who is in anyway artistically engaged a place to express their art. in various forms and shapes, we've hosted:

Open stage

For you to read us your poetry, proza, bring us your music, film, dance, cabaret, performing art: everything is welcome !

Open gallery

We offer free exposition space. Bring your art and fill our gallery. Your opportunity to meet other artists and inspire each other.


For the party people, where all styles of dark music where heard.